Donna Jimenez

Sr. VP, Operations

Gregarious, detail oriented, and engaging. Those are just three words that embody Donna’s personality. She has a mind like a trap and can multitask on levels that any of us mere mortals could only dream of. She is an avid sports fanatic, with a special place in her heart for football. She loves her ‘Fins and her ‘Canes. And do not cross her path in any fantasy leagues.

Donna is a graduate of the Katharine Gibbs School, and spent 16 years working with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in Professional Relations. She is a guru when it comes to global marketing and communications. During her tenure with Pfizer, Donna held a number of different positions within Professional Relations. She was responsible for overall management and implementation of multiple internal and external global programs, including advisory boards, internal product champion meetings, stand-alone consultant meetings, and major congresses. She also was responsible for communications to both global internal and external stakeholders. Donna represented Pfizer CNS in the International Pharmaceutical Congress Advisory Association (IPCAA). 

In 2002, Donna joined Helix Medical Communications. As Senior Director, Operations, of the Helix Medical Communications offices in Bridgewater, NJ, and London, UK, Donna provided strategic direction, team leadership, and overall project implementation oversight. 

After leaving Helix, Donna joined Percolation Communications as Senior Vice President, Operations, where she oversees finances, contracting, and logistics. She has extensive on-site experience throughout North and South America, Western Europe, and the Pacific Rim Region. Donna has therapeutic area expertise in psychiatry, particularly in mood and anxiety disorders, as well as additional experience in the rheumatology, dermatology, respiratory, oncology, and cardiovascular therapeutic areas.