Anthony Romano

A freshly paved road to Anthony is the best thing since mobile app development. Did you know that Anthony is a long distance cyclist? He rides a 400-mile charity ride in 5 days every summer. He has even bicycled around the entire island of Aruba (believe it or not that’s an 80-km ride on a mountain bike as half the ride is on the trails). If your looking for Anthony during lunch he’ll be on the road getting some miles in. If you want to chat cycling or digital he’s your guy.

In addition to his amateur cycling career, Anthony is the Sr. Director of Technology Solutions for Blue Ocean Pharma. His experience with digital projects in the medical education field spans over 20 years. From his 10 years at Bristol-Myers Squibb to over 10 years on the agency side, he has delivered projects and executed digital strategy for everything from multi day conferences, E-learning, email marketing, websites, digital advertising, live event management, on-location video production, video editing, and state of the art exhibit technology. In addition, he is a director, producer, and editor who has worked with many different faculty groups across various therapeutic areas. His passion for technology and drive to stay on the cutting edge have helped him continue to deliver state of the art digital deliverables for the medical education arena. Anthony received a degree in radio television and film from Temple University with a minor in psychology, belongs to the National Association of Broadcasters, and holds several management and technical certifications.