Alden Edward Masonis, PhD

Sr. Strategist, Founding Partner

Have you ever met someone who challenged everything that you thought you knew and was not afraid to talk about it? That is Alden in a nutshell. He is not one to parse words, but he also really appreciates how other’s perceptions challenge his thought process. Ask him about emotive drivers.

His hobbies include writing (screenplays, comedy, and poetry), working on classic cars, and pushing the status quo (the last is his mantra). In younger years he was able to squat 585 lbs. He has real stories to tell and they inform how he approaches markets (US and Ex-US) from the patient to the clinician level. Ask him about his experience at the Mayo Clinic. Having seen a scleroderma patient in person, and the optimism she had, significantly impacted his life, not to mention having a friend with the same condition, years after the fact, with the same optimism and drive.

Alden is a self-proclaimed data junkie, and generally pushes your buttons every chance he gets, but in a good way. As a data junkie, he is obstinate but affable. He does not take himself very seriously, but does take what you need to do as seriously as if your company was his own. He has a PhD in pharmacology and studied the impact of neuroactive steroids in rat brains. His thesis established the first evidence for a direct interaction between androgenic and anabolic steroids and the gamma-aminobutyric acid receptor system in rat brain, suggesting a potential link between the immediate effects of androgenic and anabolic steroids and one of many neurotransmitter receptor systems in the central nervous system. If you are still awake after that sentence, congratulations. He is haunted by many rats.

Alden’s favorite saying is, “I am not in this business to make people comfortable, I am here to make them successful.” His primary goal is to ensure that strategic initiatives are not a reflection of what has been done in the past but a vision of how past successes can inform how things can be done better in the future. He often tells clients that if they want a “yes man” then he is not that guy, but if they want a partner who will always be working towards that next market-moving idea, then look no further. That’s what he feels his job is. Question, critique, rinse, and repeat.

Now the boring stuff…Alden received his doctoral degree from a joint program in pharmacology between Rutgers University Graduate School and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey/Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. He subsequently entered a postdoctoral research program in neuroendocrinology and reproductive physiology at the Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, Oregon. Following his postdoctoral research appointment, Alden joined the medical communications industry, working in both medical advertising and medical communications. In 1997, he was involved in establishing a US office for the UK-based agency Medical Action Communications (MAC). As Senior Vice President, Strategic Development, Alden was responsible for the creation of a publications planning resource at MAC, which grew to represent approximately 50% of the company's business. In 2001, Alden joined Helix Medical Communications, a subsidiary of AXIS Healthcare Communications, as Managing Director and was responsible for opening an office in New Jersey as well as a presence in London, UK.

In October 2006, Alden left Helix to establish a joint venture with Founding Partner Donna J. Schroeder: Percolation Communications LLC, focusing on the application of proven theories and processes to medical marketing strategy development. Since its original launch in 2006, Percolation Communications has grown to offer a vast array of services that suggested the need to establish independent business units that could offer specialized services reflecting their client-partners’ needs and team members’ individual talents. As a result, in 2011, Alden and Donna launched two new businesses to join Percolation – i.e. Strategy LLC and Powered 4 Significance LLC – under the parent company Blue Ocean Pharma LLC. This family of companies provides client partners with a library of specialized services that address needs across the product lifecycle, including clinical development, commercialization, and medical/marketing communications. The specialized businesses in the Blue Ocean Pharma group share the unified goal of ensuring the success of their client partners while supporting optimal patient care.