Thought Leader Identification and Development

A key component of targeted marketing and communications initiatives is the development and evolution of marketplace thought leaders as management mentors and product advocates. Clearly defining the differences between thought leaders, advocates, and management mentors is an important first step toward understanding the market dynamics that will affect the penetration and acceptance of communications about your product data and positioning.

The process of identifying and developing a core group of individuals to support your product in the marketplace is one of the most important activities that you will undertake for your brand. These individuals are the voice of your brand and you rely on them to effectively discuss your data and how they relate to the broader marketplace.

Percolation Communications believes that thought leader identification should be a multifaceted process that considers expertise, perception, and relationships. To define your most effective “brand voice,” it is important to know not only who has the experience and expertise in the marketplace to speak credibly on your data, but also how their relationship to the overall marketplace affects their ability to efficiently deliver your communications programs.