Key Expert Insights Congress Coverage

Engaging key experts to facilitate enhanced understanding of new clinical data and implications for clinical practice

KE Insights® was developed to enhance our client-partners’ understanding of what new clinical information may mean for changes in clinical practice, and for our clients and their product/portfolio. The process provides a real-world view of how new data generated will impact the way patients are managed, as well as how products are used and reimbursed. The KE Insights process is as follows:

  • Key experts in the designated therapy area are engaged who can provide unique insights regarding data to be presented at an upcoming congress or association meeting
  • Abstracts to be presented at the congress that are highly important to the therapeutic area are identified and critical questions on the interpretation of the data are established
  • A designated number of abstracts are assigned to each thought leader for pre-meeting review and onsite coverage, based on their personal areas of interest and expertise
  • Key expert interviews are conducted prior to the congress to establish their perspectives on the potential importance of the upcoming presentations and what they are hoping to hear about the datasets
  • At the congress, our team members attend the targeted sessions along with the key experts and capture the details of the presented data
  • Following the presentations, while still onsite at the congress, we once again meet with the key experts to get their interpretation of the dataset, its importance, and its strengths and weaknesses, as well as their interpretation of any implications for our client-partner
  • The data along with the key experts’ feedback is then incorporated into a slide deck for each key expert to present back to our client-partner via an interactive WebEx within two weeks of the end of the congress

Benefits of the KE Insights congress coverage process

  • Real-time insights into clinician reactions to new and important data
  • Targeted feedback that describes implications of the data for clinical practice and for your product/portfolio
  • Interactive discussion with key experts to ask questions about their interpretation of the data and what the data mean for you