Idea Cultivation

From advisory boards to consultant meetings, our understanding of how the market will react to your data and product positioning and the way they are presented is critical to ensuring that your marketing activities are both heard and accepted.

Our team at Percolation Communications has extensive experience and expertise in organizing, managing, and facilitating activities designed to obtain the most useful feedback from your target audiences and key consultants. Our programs are structured based on an interactive collaboration process, Divergent Consolidation™, which ensures maximal participation from all attendees and facilitates a balance of opinion so that the results fairly reflect the input of all participants.

Divergent Consolidation Conflict Resolution
People want their disagreements to be acknowledged, not dismissed

The Divergent Consolidation (DC) conflict resolution process was developed to address a critical unmet business need that often impairs forward progress: conflict resolution, internal to a team or external within a given marketplace. The DC process is built on a critical psychological assessment of Emotive Drivers that breaks down barriers to progress that are often unseen and unspoken. DC can take your greatest challenges and turn them into your most significant opportunities.

  • DC is a facilitation method that includes an assessment of Emotive Drivers to circumnavigate barriers to conflict resolution.
    • Issue: People avoid discussing conflicts, thinking that by addressing them head-on things may get worse
    • Reality: Conflicts need to be actively addressed or they will expand to proportions that become extremely difficult to unravel (due to Emotive Drivers), impacting more than the issue that the original conflict was about
  • DC brings all the issues to the table and sets clear rules for engagement
    • Facts are the basis of the discussion and the “people are separated from the problem”
    • Underlying barriers to conflict resolution are teased out utilizing our Emotive Drivers assessment process
    • Debate is encouraged based on the facts surrounding the conflict to be resolved
    • The focus is on finding a solution that helps individuals achieve their own goals without undermining those of other people

Benefits of the DC process

  • Addresses issues that are not suitable for standard consensus-meeting formats
  • Promotes empathy for other stakeholders’ points of view
  • Ensures solutions are identified that address both individual and group goals and objectives
  • Addresses conflict head-on, not just the ancillary issues that arise as a result of the original issue driving conflict