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Advisory Boards

Percolation Communications understands the critical importance of advisory boards to understanding market dynamics, clinical best practices, and educational needs. We have extensive experience in providing both content development and logistical support for advisory board meetings. Through that experience we have developed standard processes we follow to ensure a successful outcome. We recognize that advisory board meetings are a unique opportunity to engage thought leaders in consultation to discuss critical business needs, addressing opportunities and challenges related to a product's or portfolio's data, clinical development program, and the market landscape. Thus, identifying the most appropriate faculty for the meeting is critical to obtaining a successful outcome. Along these lines, it is also critical to select the most effective chairperson for the meeting. The chairperson must have the respect of the broader faculty and be adept at engaging all advisors in active discussion. Our process for faculty identification and engagement ensures that you have the right people in the room, to obtain the desired feedback, while minimizing the potential negative impact of conflicting personalities.

Additionally, Percolation Communications strives to make your advisory board meetings interactive, thereby stimulating more productive discussions and maintaining high-energy feedback. It is a well-known fact that standard advisory board meetings often experience a drop in energy during the afternoon session. Percolation has strategies to avoid this, keeping advisors at a high level of engagement, stimulating new ideas and ensuring that we maximize your return on advisory board investment.

Slide Decks

Percolation Communications has extensive experience in the development of slide kits for internal and external applications. We understand the three critical concepts of effective slide deck development (these apply to any intended use):

  1. Less is more
  2. A picture is worth a thousand words
  3. Know your presenter and your audience

To ensure that your slide decks provide a succinct and targeted story that addresses the data in a manner appropriate to the specified audience, Percolation starts the process by identifying 3 to 5 critical points that must be easily called out from the contents of the deck. This is the touch point for all steps of our internal review process and ensures that critical communications needs are not lost as the deck is developed and evolved over time.

In addition to these touch points and the flow of the deck, we also make certain that when we create a deck, we are using the best way to depict the data.

We recognize that it is important to provide as much data as possible to communicate a product's attributes – but not too much. This can be difficult, especially if the data include, for example, potentially valuable secondary endpoints or if differentiation requires additional background information. We know that it is our responsibility to work with our client-partners to make some of the tough decisions regarding what to include and/or how to include it.

Launch Readiness

Percolation Communications views launch readiness as putting the right information in front of the right people at the right time. From strategic communications planning through lexicon development, speaker training, congress presence, sales training, material development, and much more, Percolation wants to be your launch readiness partner. We understand the science of communication and the communication of science. We understand what it takes to ready a market for a new product to ensure maximal best practice uptake. We focus substantially on appropriate share of voice to maximize your return on communication investment. Based on our extensive launch planning experience, we have developed a process that ensures your launch readiness activities are coordinated such that they support the story behind your product and all key stakeholders.

Congress Support

From your booth to your symposia and everything in between, Percolation Communications can support all your congress activities. We recognize that you are there both to have a presence and to gather intelligence on what is happening in your target markets. We can help ensure that your onsite presence in terms of content and materials achieves your desired objectives. We can also be your eyes and ears, your boots on the ground, to ensure that you are obtaining valuable information from the vast array of feedback available in listening to and interacting with the onsite congress community.

Publications Planning and Implementation

Percolation Communications understands that a publications plan represents the backbone of the scientific commercialization platform. It establishes the vocabulary to consistently communicate a product’s attributes and sets the stage for best practice utilization once the product enters the market. Even as soon as phase 1 and early phase 2, it is critical to establish a publications strategy to ensure that the right messages get to the right audiences at the right time. This serves to support a clear understanding in the market of the value added by the product to existing treatment options and the appropriate utilization of the product in treatment paradigms, and also serves as the basis for reimbursement negotiations and guideline inclusion.