Core Competencies

Where We Fit in Your Business Model

Our team of advanced-degree (PhD and PharmD) scientists and clinicians and our account service professionals have extensive experience supporting scientific communications, for both Marketing and Medical Affairs. We understand the ongoing evolution of our client-partners’ organizations and have the tools to support them. Additionally, because we are 100% virtual, we have the infrastructure to ensure your access to both our team and the information needed to make all your initiatives a success.

We Are Your Medical/Marketing Communications Partner

Do you want something that everyone else has, or do you want to stand out and make practitioners look up from their computers and smartphones and say, “Hey, maybe I need to think about this?” There are things that must be done and things that can be done. We want to work with you to do both, but particularly the things that can be done, because if it must be done, you are likely already doing it. What can be done is what will differentiate you in the market, and this is the basis of our premise and promise.

Percolation Mapping

A key component of targeted marketing and communications initiatives, Percolation Mapping® is the development and evolution of marketplace opinion leaders as management mentors and product advocates.

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Novel Tools

Whether communications are coming from Medical Affairs or Marketing, it is important to tailor the approach to the specific need. There is no one-size-fits-all approach.

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Idea Cultivation

From advisory boards to consultant meetings, our understanding of how the market will react to your data and product positioning and the way they are presented is critical to ensuring that your marketing activities are both heard and accepted.

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